The Sweetest Tribute on St. Valentine’s Day

America is the kind of place where stories about people being vulnerable and laying their souls bare will always be popular. That’s probably why Kevin Costner will always be remembered, among other things, for the tribute he delivered at Whitney Houston’s funeral, describing a gifted, beautiful global superstar struggle to find the confidence to complete her screen test for “The Bodyguard.” We know that she got the part and the film went on to spin off — the 14th best-selling album of all time!

But did you know that Kevin recorded a private tribute moments after he learned that Whitney had died? He told Ellen Degeneres about it this morning on her show.


Hmm. So there is a tape out there catching Kevin talking about what Whitney meant to him, and he goes on for 10, 15 minutes. Can you imagine what’s on that tape? I want to know — even though it’s absolutely none of my business. I just wonder, if Kevin was able to deliver such an emotional speech in a church after he had a week to compose himself, then how much more raw and emotional was the tribute on that tape? Talk about vulnerable. He says he doesn’t know where it is, but I suggest he call his friend, track down and secure all copies, including the master. I’m sure the depraved tabloid hounds are already sniffing around to find it. And then once again something meant to be kind, compassionate and personal will be gobbled up for gross mass consumption.



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