IR Couples Have to Laugh at Themselves Sometimes

I watch Sleepy Hollow on FOX. I do. The show hooked me in its first season last year, because it was bat-shit crazy and lots of fun. Rather, it used to be loads of fun in the first season. But then the writers took things too seriously, all kinds of overwrought drama ensued in the second […]

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Beaded Gown Ferragamo Purse

St. Valentine’s Day Styling

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … St. Valentine’s Day of course. I have to hand it to Hubby, he’s come through with a few pretty good presentations for this particular day in years past. Once, he surprised me at the train station with a while bag of goodies from Crabtree & Evelyn […]

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The Cobb-Hoppers on the porch of their new home.

A Changed House, A Changing America

We just dodged a massive blizzard in the Northeast, but we still got snowstorms and my daughter’s school is closed today. That means I’m taking advantage of the free day to cornrow my daughter’s hair into an up-do, and watching reruns of “Fixer Upper,” a new show on HGTV. “Fixer Upper” is hosted by Chip […]

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The Jupita ‘Ship’ Is On the Move Again

Lupita Nyong’o, one of my favorite actresses, and Jared Leto kept the gossip mills churning last year with their flirtatious companionship during last year’s long awards and red carpet season. Well, the favorite would-be couple of many an entertainment reporter is back, and they are sending hearts and Twitter aflutter again with their chemistry and […]

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Love in Black and White

The other day I went to see “Selma” with a friend of mine (it’s well worth the ticket and the running time), and one of the trailers promoted a new Kevin Costner movie, “Black or White.” Kevin portrays Elliot Anderson, a recently widowed attorney drawn into a custody battle over his biracial granddaughter, whom he has helped […]

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My daughter's rendering of Anansi, inspired by her library book.

Along Came A Spider: Our Daughter’s Growing Affinity with African-Caribbean Culture

I decided from the jump not to introduce a lot of angst into my interracial relationship, or make growing up biracial a special burden for my child. While a successful and well-adjusted life depends as much on how the outside world treats us as how we react to it, I took steps to ensure that everyday life […]

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Baby’s Most Important Connection Yet

My in-laws live almost 900 miles away from New Jersey, tucked in a two-story log cabin-style house in the foothills of the Appalachian mountain range, the part that touches the Deep South. We see them twice a year, yet my daughter has always known their faces and been familiar with them, thanks to the miracle of […]

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Marshana’s New Real-Life Interracial Boo?

Some women might give up on interracial love if she had a bad experience, particularly if the relationship ended in a public breakup — and I mean a nationally televised rejection like what you see on “The Bachelor.” That’s what happened to Marshana Ritchie, one of the women competing for the attention of Matthew Grant on the […]

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Sex and Living Single, In Accra

A few months ago a friend of mine texted me a link to a Web series, “An African City,” a scripted Web series that followed the lives of five West African women returnees. They strive to manage successful careers, balance cultural traditions with “First World” sensibilities, and of course, look for love. I’m looking for more […]

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Don’t Look Now, but He’s Flirting

It’s holiday party time, and the Singletons are decking the halls, and themselves; they are gifting and mingling. I came across a childhood friend’s social media update, where she mentioned that she suspected a White guy at work was flirting with her. She said it was the oddest thing, because she hadn’t experienced anything like that before. Well, actually, […]

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Let’s Be Authentic While Bucking Propaganda

Can we have a quick “family conversation?” Good. I was making my usual rounds on social media when I came across a couple of IGs featuring young Black fathers with their daughters. Needless to say, the girls were super cute. But the posts, like the one below, went slightly off track in their description. Cuteoverload!! This […]

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Lupita Delivers Another Beautiful Speech at Glamour Awards

This is becoming a habit. Lupita attends a high-profile press event or Hollywood award show and delivers a heartfelt and inspiring speech that goes viral. Excerpts (or full videos) are embedded in blogs like this one, and snippets are used for memes circulated on Twitter, in discussion forums and eventually become inspirational quotes. This time, the […]

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NAP85 Faux Locs

The Very Best of Her Generation

Genius strikes again. Just when you thought that Whitney White, known in blogging and vlogging circles as Naptural85, had exhausted her reserve of natural care topics, think again. If you thought she had tapped out her repertoire of creative and attractive styling techniques  — or as the carping crepehangers in discussion forums put it, had gotten boring — […]

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Raising Penel(ope)?

We’ve heard a lot of talk lately about the experiences of transgender Americans. How they realized at young ages that something felt very misaligned between who they knew they were on the inside and their outer bodies, and that they, in fact were born in the wrong body. I’m deliberately skipping the current PC verbiage […]

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