Lupita Delivers Another Beautiful Speech at Glamour Awards

This is becoming a habit. Lupita attends a high-profile press event or Hollywood award show and delivers a heartfelt and inspiring speech that goes viral. Excerpts (or full videos) are embedded in blogs like this one, and snippets are used for memes circulated on Twitter, in discussion forums and eventually become inspirational quotes. This time, the […]

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NAP85 Faux Locs

The Very Best of Her Generation

Genius strikes again. Just when you thought that Whitney White, known in blogging and vlogging circles as Naptural85, had exhausted her reserve of natural care topics, think again. If you thought she had tapped out her repertoire of creative and attractive styling techniques  — or as the carping crepehangers in discussion forums put it, had gotten boring — […]

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Raising Penel(ope)?

We’ve heard a lot of talk lately about the experiences of transgender Americans. How they realized at young ages that something felt very misaligned between who they knew they were on the inside and their outer bodies, and that they, in fact were born in the wrong body. I’m deliberately skipping the current PC verbiage […]

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Let’s All Keep Charles Barkley’s (Latest) Tirade in Context

There they go again, the outside world making it all but impossible for me to stay in my lane, mind my own business, and live a quiet mixed-family life. This time, Charles Barkley — not known to keep his highly charged opinions to himself — has weighed in on some intra-racial conflicts between a couple […]

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Keep Calm and Date Interracially

So apparently Robert Pattinson, the heart throb from the Twilight franchise has been broken up from Kristen Stewart, who played the human-turned-vampire girlfriend in the same movie series. You might say, “Lady, this is old news! Get with it!” But wait! Plot twist! Apparently, Robert Pattinson has left his vampire lover boy persona far behind, and has […]

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First-World Address, Third-World Problems

We were all shocked and grieved by recent news accounts of the death of Mary Spears, a 27-year-old Detroit mother of three who was shot, ultimately, because she turned down a romantic advances from a stranger. It’s a tragedy that tears at all our hearts, not only because it was an unspeakable act of cruelty, […]

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The Militants, the Handmaidens and the Liberated Sisters

My YouTube subscriber list is a lot more than just a source five- to 10-minute videos to kill time while I wait for a train or wait in line to pay at Target. It’s an entertainment option of choice that seriously competes with television and magazines as a source of cutting edge cultural news and opinion. So when I saw that […]

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Share of the Week: The 25 Minute Co-Wash and Detangling Technique

Those of you naturalistas, particularly women with naturally curly and coily hair longer than a short afro are probably familiar with the travails of co-washing and detangling your tresses. Women who are unfamiliar with the natural hair game (like WaterLily76) might be wondering ‘What’s the big deal? It’s only hair.’ But we know the process can actually take hours to complete. Densely […]

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Share of the Week: “Black Lives Matter”

Newspaper journalists occasionally say the business of their profession is “to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” The quote supposedly comes from the late social activist “Mother” Mary Jones. Protestors in Ferguson, Missouri peacefully took over a few minutes of a performance of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra to remind the comfortable classes that […]

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Flipping the Script on the Daniele Watts Incident

Will tensions between law enforcement officers and Black citizens ever pass in this country? It’s hard to tell, as entertainment news Web sites and blogs continue to buzz following an incident between Hollywood actress Daniele Watts (Django Unchained), her boyfriend Brian James Lucas, and the Studio City, Calif., police department. Watts, who is Black, was […]

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Share of the Week: JoStylin’ Is Back!! And Married and Living in Turkey

So while browsing the Web, I became reacquainted with Joanna, a Nigerian natural hair and fashion vlogger under the channel name JoStylin. A while ago she stopped blogging, because she said she felt she had exhausted the topics she was interested in covering about natural hair care. But she’s back now, married to her boyfriend, […]

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WaterLily716, CurlyNikki and the Jouelzy Breakdown

So tell me this: Do you consider yourself a part of the natural hair community — one of those women who actively seeks information about how to groom your hair without the use of relaxers or excessive weaving and constant wig wearing? ;) Do you incorporate what you’ve learned into a personal routine, experiment, pass on tips, […]

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Eve and Maximillion

  Nicely done, Eve! Nicely done. The rapper and actress from Philadelphia married longtime boyfriend Maximillion Cooper over the weekend. You know Eve as a Grammy-winning rapper, and as Shelley Williams from the UPN TV sitcom “Eve,” and two of the first “Barbershop” movies. The celebrations were in Ibiza, Spain, and the two shared a few […]

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Audra’s Triumph

The gifted and mesmerizing Audra McDonald made Tony Award history on June 8, 2014. She became the first performer – ever — to win six Tonys in competitive categories, and she has won in every performing category in both plays and musicals. The honor caps off a history-making winning streak for McDonald. Last year, she made […]

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