Thanksgiving With Black Families

Found this hash tag on Twitter today,  #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies, and sure enough, there was one for swirlers.

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Raising Dion: A new comic series reflecting America, and how it could be

Like half of the adult women out there, I put down my last comic book at around the same time that I picked up my first bottle of perfume, thinking that I was putting away childish things to be a more responsible grown up. I didn’t turn to comics again until I was a college intern, […]

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Face it, racists: you wrecked our past and have no future

Moments after Star Wars devotees sniffled through watching the Star Wars VII trailer, they composed themselves and got onto social media to share their experience, they encountered this: #BoycottStarWarsVII. It’s a protest from a handful of racist White supremacists who cannot abide the idea that a Black man was cast as a storm trooper, that a white […]

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Jill Stewart black and white splattered gown with wrap &amp pin neckline and high slit 
Cost: < $120

My Top 10 Consignment Scores

A funny thing happened to my wardrobe after I got married, bought this house with Hubby, and we had a child. All my  financial responsibilities shifted away from my wardrobe to all of the above, and I saw an inverse relationship between the amount of money I spent on my clothes and accessories, and the name-brand quality […]

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Role Model Role Call: Amandla Stenberg

Hubby and I would like to think that our child will always view us, and the other loving and nurturing adults in our family, as desirable role models in life. Yeah, right! Once this child hits fifth grade, at the latest, she will finally break away from all my attempts to dress her like a little lady […]

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A Hotep’s MidSummer Night’s Dream

I am convinced that there is a small population of grown Black men out there who sleep in oversized cribs every night, passed out after guzzling a sippy cup of warm milk, and then snore loudly with visions of humiliated Black women dancing in their heads. Why else would a grown man spend time at his […]

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America’s Real Race Problem Is Denial

A few months ago Americans started to toss around a catch phrase called “a conversation about race.” Well, this week a deranged, racist young man with strong delusions of restoring American democracy to its white supremacist glory did everything he could to provoke a conversation about race in this country, by slaughtering nine people who […]

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The Regressive Thinking Behind Rachel Dolezal’s Scam

One of the greatest aspects of living in North Jersey is its multiculturalism. You don’t have to try very hard or go very far to run into people of every description. Integration helps us to coexist as we are, without the pressure to stop calling ourselves Black, white, mixed, Asian or what have you. Someone should have explained […]

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An Antique Photo, A Lingering Question

While flipping through Flickr, I came across this antique photo of what appears to be an interracial American couple. They seem to be well to do, judging by the smart cut of his suit, and her fashionably billowy sleeves. And she made sure to tell her ladies’ maid, or whoever assisted her, to do her […]

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It’s Official: Naptural85 Is The Best Natural Hair Vlogger

It’s refreshing to see awards and honors go to people who really deserve them. So when I scanned this article on, about their Best in Black Beauty Awards, I was happy to see that Whitney White, also known as “Naptural85,” topped the heap. She really is a cut above the rest, with her tips […]

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Hey, America: Black Women Are NOT After-THOTs!!!

Over the centuries, Americans have conditioned themselves to see Black women as beneath their contempt, as unworthy of old-fashioned chivalry or the basic common decency extended to strangers in the street. They see Black women as after-THOTs. That’s not a misspelling, by the way. It’s my expression of the dismissive scorn heaped on Black women in […]

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How Ya’ll Like Us Now?

“Weave, weave, we don’t care. Give them horses back their hair!” If you came of age in the 90s and the early millennium, you remember that chant. It was Black men’s favorite rebuttal to Black women who insisted on styling their hair with weaves, and a knee-jerk response against any female hostility they might incur for marrying out, particularly to […]

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We Don’t Mean to Pry, But …

Are Lupita Nyong’o and Common dating?? Reports have them hanging out in Brooklyn, where she has an apartment. He apparently lives in Fort Greene. If they are “taking things slow” in the beginning, that would be awesome!! No pressure, though. Just take your sweet time enjoying each other’s company. We can wait for the … whatever […]

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I Refuse to Raise A ‘White Girl’

Whatever you do, don’t call my Baby Girl ‘Black.’ She has made it clear to me that there is a difference between her complexion and mine, and that I am firmly in the area that we call ‘Black,’ while she is not. She made this declaration when was a tiny thing buckled into her carseat. I […]

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