Flipping the Script on the Daniele Watts Incident

Will tensions between law enforcement officers and Black citizens ever pass in this country? It’s hard to tell, as entertainment news Web sites and blogs continue to buzz following an incident between Hollywood actress Daniele Watts (Django Unchained), her boyfriend Brian James Lucas, and the Studio City, Calif., police department. Watts, who is Black, was […]

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Share of the Week: JoStylin’ Is Back!! And Married and Living in Turkey

So while browsing the Web, I became reacquainted with Joanna, a Nigerian natural hair and fashion vlogger under the channel name JoStylin. A while ago she stopped blogging, because she said she felt she had exhausted the topics she was interested in covering about natural hair care. But she’s back now, married to her boyfriend, […]

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WaterLily716, CurlyNikki and the Jouelzy Breakdown

So tell me this: Do you consider yourself a part of the natural hair community — one of those women who actively seeks information about how to groom your hair without the use of relaxers or excessive weaving and constant wig wearing? ;) Do you incorporate what you’ve learned into a personal routine, experiment, pass on tips, […]

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Eve and Maximillion

  Nicely done, Eve! Nicely done. The rapper and actress from Philadelphia married longtime boyfriend Maximillion Cooper over the weekend. You know Eve as a Grammy-winning rapper, and as Shelley Williams from the UPN TV sitcom “Eve,” and two of the first “Barbershop” movies. The celebrations were in Ibiza, Spain, and the two shared a few […]

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Audra’s Triumph

The gifted and mesmerizing Audra McDonald made Tony Award history on June 8, 2014. She became the first performer period to win six Tonys in competitive categories and has won in every performing category in both plays and musicals. The honor caps off a history-making winning streak for McDonald. Last year, she made history as […]

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Share of the Week: Wigging Out on Natural Hair

If there’s one thing I can’t deal with is taking a generally fun and light topic–like maintaining and styling hair–too seriously. Which is why I’m still subscribed to this YouTuber’s channel, GlamFun. Check out her latest hair update video.       GlamFun is on her second “natural hair journey.” The first tour de cheveaux was literally trippy […]

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The Interracial Dating Game

I’m giving major side eyes to “Swirlr,” a dating series on YouTube that explores what happens when young and hip L.A. singles cross the color and culture lines to find a date. The show is hosted by Christelyn Karazin, co-author of “Swirling: How to Date, Mate, and Relate Mixing Race, Culture and Creed,” and Jordan Harbinger, co-founder of The […]

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From the Met Gala’s Red Carpet

The Annual fashion extravaganza is probably still in full swing at the Met in New York City. As usual, the stars came out in their finest and in the case of Lupita Nyong’o, their most daring. While I don’t think she quite hit the nail on the head with her ensemble, I do think the […]

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Share of the Week: When Our Country Hates Our Hair

I never would have imagined that our hair would become the subject of discussions in the halls of government or an op-ed in The New York Times, but so it has.   The media, particularly TheGrio.com is closely following fallout from proposed updates to the Army’s personal appearance and grooming policies in AR 670-1, which severely restrict […]

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Lovely Lupita: 2014’s Most Beautiful Woman

Lovely Lupita: 2014’s Most Beautiful Woman There she is, Miss Africa (yes, the whole continent), Miss Worls, Miss Everything. The intelligent, beautiful and talented Lupita Nyong’o has just been named People has named the actress and documentary film maker 2014’s Most Beautiful. We can certainly understand what they see in her! Congratulations to Ms. Nyong’o […]

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Share of the Week: A Shea Moisture Makeup Demo

After Shea Moisture announced a new line of makeup, I went looking for tutorials on how women were using the eye shadows, foundations and other products. I wanted to see what real women thought about them before turning my cart down Target’s makup aisle the next time I was there. I’ve seen one video giving […]

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Lupita Marie Claire May

While Dencia Seethes, Lupita Lands Another Cover

Wow, some folks are really sensitive. Like Cameroonian-Nigerian pop star Dencia for instance, who is taking yet another shot at Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o. Readers who are faithfully following this rivalry (Lupita versus who again?) might remember that Dencia took offense to remarks that Nyong’o made in a speech at the Essence luncheon for women […]

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Lupita, the Newest Lancôme Ambassadress

Black is beautiful. Just ask Lancôme — if you insist. The lovely Lupita Nyong’o was just named brand Ambassadress for Maison Lancôme. So by summer, we’ll begin to see her face in their campaigns for their wide range of beauty products. That means her delicate yet resilient cheekbones, flawless complexion, skin tone and the eyes […]

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Share of the Week: Serious (Fashion) Talk with Chimamanda Adichie

To this day, I feel uncomfortable doing any makeup in the ladies bathroom at work. The president of our small firm, a woman, once walked in while I was applying a Milani lipstick that I had searched several different drugstores to find. It was early in the morning, when people are still checking emails and […]

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